This One’s Been Brewing for a While…

Underneath all the shiny, white, “welcome to Murrica, the greatest country in the world” branding, is a torrent of broken systems, greed, hypocrisy and (covert) exploitation. Granted, this happens in many parts of the world, but I think that the US is unique in its unyielding denial of reality. I grew up in a rubbish country that was never meant to be a country, so I’m no stranger to broken systems. Still, I wasn’t going to suffer the indignity of being a second-class (read: black, foreign) person in a country that was not much better than my own, and so once I graduated uni, I left.

I’ve been watching things unfold from afar since I left (I still have family and friends in Murrica), and from where I’m standing, the US looks like a rabid white rhino on fire charging towards a pyramid of people covered in petrol. I was actually meant to go there this April, and visit the aforementioned family and friends, but then November 8th happened, and all thoughts of setting foot in that place went down the toilet pipes with what was left of the previous day’s lunch.

I wish I could say “I can’t believe Americans elected Donald Trump”, in good faith, but frankly, my experience has taught me that racism and vulgarity seem to be fundamental elements of American society. That Americans are racist is a fact that I lived with while there, and fled from once done with school. What is really biting my butt though, are the so-called “Christians” who go around proclaiming that God told them to vote for Trump or that Trump is God’s chosen one and similar nonsense. If the man and his Republican Party cohorts, mirror the deep hatred and contempt that you have for people of races and backgrounds different from your own, then just own your bigotry, like this guy . Don’t go hiding behind Jesus as your excuse for divisiveness and stupidity. Jesus wasn’t a racist (and newsflash Murrican Kristyuns, Jesus wasn’t white; he was a Palestinian (Arab) Jew). He wasn’t sexist or a homophobe either. He welcomed everyone who came to him seeking help, healing and wisdom. He did not pursue political power by fearmongering. Instead he came to deliver a message of love, forgiveness, hope and renewal. Even by the farthest stretch of the imagination, Trump represents nothing of Jesus’ message.

Is DT making Murrica great again? I don’t know, but he’s certainly making it white again. All his appointees since he took office are white (except for the token Ben Carson, whose insignificant appointment is really a lousy attempt to stave off accusations of whitewashing). Then he and his people banned (or are still trying to ban, I don’t even know anymore) Muslims – or at least people and flights from Muslim countries… and now US Immigration seems to be power-tripping on xenophobic juice, arbitrarily detaining and deporting Nigerians with valid visas at airports. For freak’s sake, Nigeria wasn’t even on the bloody stupid list of travel bans. Now my brother who’s finishing his first year at university is afraid to come home for the summer, lest his re-entry for sophomore year be blocked by some moron…

For those of you who voted for this ethnic-cleansing administration and still have the audacity/vacuity to prance about, claiming “I’m not a racist”:

1) Eat shit

2) Check a dictionary

3) Maybe that crap flies with your fellow racists who want to have it both ways (covertly racist but don’t want the backlash of disclosing your racism), but it cuts no ice with the rest of us.

You want to claim that you voted for Donald Trump because Jesus? Really?  So Jesus valued women only for their sexual attractiveness and used his power to sexually harass them? Jesus preached hate? Jesus attacked his dissenters? Jesus wants everyone to carry guns and exacerbate gun violence? Jesus wants coal mines to dump their waste into streams? Jesus wants white police officers to carry on shooting black boys and men? Jesus wants us to hunt endangered species to extinction? The man whose family were refugees when he was a baby would approve denying access to desperate refugees today? The man who said “let your yes be yes, and your no be no” would be proud of “alternative facts”? And please don’t even start with that crap about Hilary Clinton = abortions bladibladiblah. While she respects a woman’s decision whether or not to keep a pregnancy, Hilary Clinton was not the one who legalized abortions in the US. And while we’re on this topic:

1)Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy that may or may not be medically warranted.

2)You cannot legislate other people’s morality

3)If you really believe that abortion is evil, that’s fine, but not everyone subscribes to your belief system, and Jesus says nothing about imposing your beliefs on other people. After all, whenever his message was rejected in a synagogue, or a town, he simply gave some grave warning (ie “woe to you…”) and left – what he didn’t do was lobby for political power, and then use his office to change the laws so that everyone had to obey him…

Also, let’s say you actually believe your gobbledegook. What is the Biblical justification for trying to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act? Seriously, this one is not rhetorical.


It really makes sense to you that the man who spent roughly half of his ministry on earth healing sick people would oppose medical care?

Pssshh. Just stop it.

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