Oh My God

I don’t discuss God in public spheres. Not because I don’t believe in God, not because I’m ashamed of God, not because I’m afraid of what people will say, not because I think speaking about God is politically incorrect. None of these. If I am tight-lipped about God, it is because today, conversations (if you can call them that) about God (especially on the internet) tend to devolve into situations like this:





It is a veritable shit-show.

Let me elaborate: the current ambience that I observe from the Internet and public media when it comes to God is one of a food fight in a school cafeteria, only instead of throwing food around, they’re throwing figurative faecal matter. Mention God in public, and you risk a dollop of merde square in the face. Still, I’m going to try walking in quietly through the back door, picking a bit of lunch, and sneaking back out . This blog is about excerpts from my mind, and my mind has been on God for the last several months. Until I put these thoughts down, I will have nothing else to write about.


God cartoon 1


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