PDA: Profusive Demand for Attention

I don’t think I will ever fully comprehend the indiscriminate touching (kissing, licking, rubbing) of White people in public. I don’t understand why they seem to find it necessary. To do it in public, I mean. It makes my skin crawl, to be honest. I have some hypotheses all the same.

The first is that perhaps the couples feel they have to constantly remind each other (and themselves) that they are romantically involved by carrying out the physical components of the relationship regularly wherever they may find themselves. This way, there is no danger of the either person forgetting that they are in fact romantically linked to the other.

The second hypothesis is that by rubbing each other in public, they are marking their territory, just like animals do by peeing on things. So when I see a man randomly squeezing a woman’s buttocks in the middle of a busy street in France (like I did one evening), I realize that this gesture is not so random after all. The man is fending off any other potential rival males (or females) by sending a clear message to all (including those of us who couldn’t really be bothered): these buttocks belong to me.

I’ve always thought that the point of intimacy is to remain, well, intimate


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