Virginity: Does Blood Really Tell All?*

Originally published in Causette magazine’s 49th edition, this is the third prequel to a series on virginity and sex. The second prequel can be found here

Breaking news! “Many medical practitioners cannot tell whether a woman is a virgin by simply examining her hymen”, says cosmetic surgeon, Marc Abecassis. This is not surprising: the membrane which partially closes up the vaginal orifice is completely different in each woman (it could, for instance, be perforated with several small holes). The family planning clinic provides a figure of about “a third of girls who don’t have one”. And we’ve all heard the stories of hymens rupturing without the owners realizing, while they are dancing or horse-back riding. In some cases, the hymen is in place, but without enough blood supply to bleed when torn. Consequently, many are the women who do not bleed when they first have sex.

‘’What we need, is a large-scale information campaign to put an end to this myth that a hymen guarantees virginity “, pleads Chantal Birman, a midwife. Because there are cases where “anatomical virgins” get pregnant: sperm are mobile cells and they can climb up the vulva and into the Fallopian tubes without any penetration.

So, what purpose does the hymen serve? According to Dr Martin Winckler, it has been put forward that in very young girls, it protects the vaginal cavity and the uterus from external bacteria, notably fecal matter eliminated from the digestive tract. But this is yet to be proven, he emphasizes on his blog.

While we wait to learn more, the hymen myth has a rosy future ahead of it.


Translated from French

*Originally Bon Sang Ne Saurait Mentir?


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