Virginity: I am not the maiden you think I am*

CaptureThis is the first of three prequels to a series on virginity and sex. It was published in Causette magazine’s 49th edition. I translated them from French because I thought they were interesting and discussed questions that I had myself. 

Bearing in mind that in France, the average age when boys and girls have sex for the first time is 17.2 years and 17.8 years respectively. That we hear over and over again these days that young people are increasingly licentious, while in fact, this first time occurred only a few months later in 19741. Knowing that it is possible to order a kit online that can imitate bleeding in order to buy back your virginity, but that not all women bleed when they have their first intercourse.

Bearing in mind that a hymen can get torn during a pony-riding session, well before the average age of first coitus and that a woman can get pregnant while still a virgin.

Bearing in mind that it’s not even certain that Virgin Mary stayed a virgin, but that apparently, the more absurd the story, the easier it is to swallow.

Knowing that it is very convenient for men that no one can demand a virginity certificate from them, and in any case, the doctors who draw up these pieces of paper admit that they are not backed by scientific evidence …

Knowing all of this, what exactly makes a woman  a virgin? We tried to solve the equation, but as it has too many unknowns, we conclude that there is nothing mathematical about it. Causette ventured, naïve “like a virgin”, into the holey frontiers of a purity that, when all is said and done, smells more like a scam than a field of flowers.

*Originally Je Ne Suis Pucelle Que Vous Croyez

1. Sources – Institut national d’études démographiques (National Institute of Demographic Studies)

Dossier Compiled by Clarence Edgard-Rosa


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