Need Money? Kill A Black Guy!

I came across this short piece in a French magazine and thought it was spot on. Below is my translation:

There is justice in the world! Darren Wilson, the young, irreproachable police officer from Ferguson, Missouri, was finally compensated for the unjust trauma that he endured: called racist and incompetent, constantly hounded by the media, the tall blonde was only doing his job when all hell suddenly broke loose. All this because last August 9th, he chose to put a precautionary bullet in the skull of an extremely dangerous black kid, a suspected shoplifter.

We here at Causette were extremely upset to see this poor, unfortunate young man subjected to the full fury of the American nation. Fortunately, on the 24th of November, he was acquitted. “The police officer Darren Wilson will not face criminal charges for killing Michael Brown.” That headline really warms our hearts.

Still, even though we were relieved, we had to nit-pick: how was poor little Darren supposed to take care of his family since he’d resigned? Not to worry: Thanks to the fundraiser launched by Ferguson town police and the ‘We are Darren Wilson’ support group created by an anonymous person on the Internet – a bona fide example of solidarity and compassion – the ex-cop is now worth $500 000 (400 000€). The creator of Wilson’s support group would like the final amount to reach a million dollars. Wilson’s victim, on the other hand, has no further need for money.


Translated from French

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